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Prosthetic Partners:

Touch Bionics
i-LIMB Hand & Utah Arm
i-LIMB Pulse Hand
i-LIMB Pulse Hand
Motion Control Inc. has partnered with Touch Bionics (and other quality suppliers) to offer our clients the broadest range of function in Terminal Device (TD) choices on the market today. Motion Control has insured that our newest technologies are fully compatible with the exciting choices Touch Bionics offers in multi-function hands. Both the i-LIMB and the new i-LIMB Pulse can be used with the U3 and U3+ Arms, and generally may interchange with our other TDs in our products. Generally, the i-LIMB and i-LIMB Pulse Hands are compatible with all Motion Control systems – please consult your prosthetist for details.

i-LIMB Hand with articulating digits.
i-LIMB Hand with articulating digits.

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