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Simple switch control or myoelectric
Lightweight and small  
Less expensive electric elbow  
Proportional control available  
Compatible with most hands and terminal devices  
Prefabricated or custom forearm  

Motion E2 Elbow

Available in four colors (Tan, Light Brown, Brown and Jet Black) the Motion E2 Elbow is a small, lightweight electric elbow for use with smaller individuals or adolescents.

A very versatile elbow, it can be used with simple switch control for a relatively low-cost system or proportional myoelectric control. Forearms can either be prefabricated or available via central fabrication from Fillauer.

At 439 grams (size medium) the Motion E2 Elbow is the smallest, lightest-weight externally powered elbow on the market.

Add the versatility of multiple control systems, and the E2 elbow becomes an excellent choice for smaller individuals or light duty applications.



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