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COMPANY PROFILE: Motion Control, Inc.
Motion Control, Inc., is one of the most advanced development and manufacturing companies in the prosthetics industry today. Motion Control was originally established in 1974 by Dr. Stephen C. Jacobsen, to commercialize the medical technology developed at the University of Utah’s Center for Engineering Design.  Current president, Harold H. Sears, Ph.D., is an alumnus of Dr. Jacobsen’s group as well.

Since it was made available in 1981, the Utah Artificial Arm has been at the forefront of myoelectric technology for elbow, hand, and wrist. For over three decades Motion Control has developed cutting-edge improvements in electronics, and innovative design for function, natural appearance, and comfort.

In 1997, the Utah Arm 2, or (U2)  brought a new level of ruggedness and dependability through improvements in electronics, battery power, and motor technologies.

The ProControl 2, released in 1999, represented the first widely-distributed microprocessor to control the hand and wrist, with a computer interface and unique AutoCal feature. Motion Control also manufactures the Myolab EMG Tester, a portable and convenient fitting tool for testing and training patients being fitted with a myoelectric prosthesis.

In 2002, Motion Control released the Motion Control (MC) Hand, and soon after, the Electric Terminal Device (ETD) to broaden the function of myoelectric products for the upper extremity amputee. With the MC Flexion Wrists, and Wrist Rotator the MC Hand and ETD are the best combination of function and cosmesis. Both MC Hand and ETD are available with the controller inside (ProHand version) so they may be used with other manufacturers' systems.

Microprocessor technology was incorporated into the Utah Arm 3 (U3) in 2004, allowing separate inputs and simultaneous control of both, and a modern computer interface simplifying elbow and hand controls. Many veterans of the Iraqi war have been fitted with the Utah Arm 3 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Brooke Army Medical Center. The Utah Arm 3+ added the two-stage lock and silent freeswing features in 2008.

The most innovative new foot/ankle system of recent years, The Motionfoot was introduced in 2009, and offers the only hydraulic foot/ankle to offer a normal range of ankle motion, coupled with the energy return of a carbon graphite sole-plate element.

Motion Control was acquired by Fillauer Companies, Inc. in January 1997, and became part of one of the most comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic companies in the world. Fillauer is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Motion Control continues to operate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Motion Control’s products are sold exclusively to trained prosthetists and professionals in the orthotic and prosthetic industry to insure a high standard of quality patient care. Products are sold worldwide, but mainly in the United States and Europe. Motion Control follows FDA and ISO quality control standards.

Management Team:

  • President: Harold H. Sears, Ph.D.
  • Vice President and Director of Operations: Arthur Dyck, E.E.T.
  • Vice President for Research and Development: Edwin Iversen, M.S.M.E.



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