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Multi-Articulating Fingers
23 Grip Patterns  
High Speed Thumb Rotation  
Water-Resistant (Submersible)  
Break-Away, Knuckle Joints  
Easy, Push Button Access to Grip Patterns  
Built in Flexion Wrist, lockable in 3 positions  

See what TASKA® can do!


Taska Hand
TASKA® is a revolutionary, industry changing multi-articulating hand. The robust features combined with its water-resistance (submersible) allows the user to simply do more.

As a multi-articulating hand, 23 grip patterns are available. These grip patterns can be changed by EMG (muscle) triggers or more easily by simply pushing one of the buttons on the back of the hand. iOS and Android Apps are available to the patient to customize the availability of the grip patterns at any time.

The fingers have lateral compliance allowing them to move from side to side. This allows tools and silverware to be placed between the fingers for secure gripping when performing functional tasks. Add to this compliance high speed thumb rotation, and grip pattern changes become instantaneous. Users move quickly from one functional task to the next.

It’s robust. TASKA is made to be used. If a finger is overloaded, it will simply break away, and can be reset by the wearer. IP67 dust and water-resistance allow use of the hand many places other hands simply cannot go. The ability to just wash your hands under running water is essential to health care and food service workers.

TASKA. Allow yourself to simply, do more.

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